Monday, March 23, 2009

Free Cool Wordpress Theme

Yeph, hello there...

still with me, Chipz, in my blog! hehe (yeah..just me here)

sometimes i hear my friends looking for a good wordpress template at the website..

yeah..bad..bad actually, because the free one isn't cool n good enough..

n then (still with smashingmagazine) i found some interesting wordpress theme here..

just check this out!
good for you..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Remove the dotted link on your web

I've found that the dotted outline on every link in my website was disgust me, so i ask uncle google how to remove it..yep, really simple actually, so i wanna share it for u too.. :D

If you want it gone, and you want it gone on every single anchor link, just include this as a part of your CSS reset:

a {
outline: none;

Hope it'll help u :)

smashingmagazine -- damn cool site yeahh!

just take a look on the net looking for css code tutorial..

still confusing though,
until i found smashingmagazine

yeahh..damn cool..

this website provide a lot of tutorial, :D
hmm..n when i explore deeper, i found a lot icon set there..cihuy!

yeah..just download it..

Friday, March 20, 2009



i don't know what to write here..

hmm...i'm just planning to write tutorial here..


this is my first post, so dont miss it and keep reading, okay?!

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