Wednesday, May 22, 2013

KdN - Kokes dot Net

KdN - Kokes dot Net

I would just like to know where this decided to design and build a ring for the girl, because doing things in the It starts off in Jan of 2013 where the idea for the ring was refined to what Having some help, I was able to obtain her ring size and the rest A bunch of stuff happens from Figure 0 to Figure 1 start to work-harden the cut I face it off and turn down the external diameter to 19.8mm. The center hole is initially drilled with a spot drill to keep the larger cutting edges of the tool A boring bar is used to form the final hole to 15.8mm Stage one is to use a 0.8mm spotting drill to pilot the holes. A plunge hole drill of 2mm is to clear through the body of the ring is stage Once complete, it is now necessary to separate the ring from the barstock A very small, thin and SHARP circle of metal accompanies the intended ring use a collet on the lathe to hold a the ring, and a match-fit mandrel to help The shelf will hold the strip of permalloy (which will be explained later) and would be difficult to keep the ring from deflecting and causing a pinch point. and the mill to use sharp carbide tools, the residual scratching was at a stones to the ring metal portion of the ring is completed. stone at the location of the slit I created a die with guides to assist in that effort. rest of the ring. epoxy was used to affix the LEDs and capacitor to the kapton tape placed over I increased the current I opted to use a single copper plane board for design simplicity and current and wrapped the external diameter in tape to hold in the epoxy while it cured. lot of holes in the block, I simply broke and knocked loose the segments, Soldering the large inductor coils to the transmitter circuit required a big The jacket test was to conceal the transmitter under the jacket so that it field allowing for more of the field to couple into the coils of the ring. metal ring, causing the field to cancel out of the intended inductor coil. Once the strip was fit and epoxied in, a final Of all the challenges presented in making the ring, affixing the stone is the Ultimately, I went with the epoxy method for attaching the stones. The first test was to try and heat the ring, expand the hold and drop in the Next I was attempting to deform the top of the stone mounting hole, The failure mechanism is that it CRUSHES the stone to dust Third in line for stone attachment was to use a punch to press holes in 4 Titanium apparently does not like to be stabbed, because the ring fractured >From the start, I had to learn AutoCAD, design and develop a circuit So, the original plan was to present this ring to the girl, then take her to a TechShop for having the tooling available to make it Last updated May 19_th, 2013 - Copyright Enfinicorp


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